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Adana Technology Development Co.

Adana Holdings is a set of investment, research and development, production, trade in one of the Integrated Company, the company is headquartered in Beijing Chinese. It also used to say? The company set up under the Beijing Agrofert Technology Development Co., Ltd., Liuzhou agrofert food Polytron Technologies Inc, Guangxi Luen agrees biotechnology limited company WiscTrade -LLC (USA). Beijing agrofert company by solving the customized and innovative product solutions, providing a wide range of product mix, have a highly efficient and rapid global sales network, logistics organization and professional customer service service. Beijing agrofert our company “ professional, seeking, pragmatic, innovative ” corporate culture, and strive to build a professional, open and internationalization of the modern enterprise.

The main business scope of Beijing agrofert companies include: industrial investment and management; food additive production, R & D, marketing; chemical products production, sales, storage and transportation; technology and information, products and new materials research, development, application and consulting services; self and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export (national companies to limit or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology, except).

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